In the province of Sze Chuan in China, there is a saying: “The people of Sze Chuan eats nothing but spicy food”.

While this very state of China alone boasts some of the spiciest herbs in the world, it makes sense that they would be used for various famous dishes birthed from the province of Sze Chuan alone like the famed Mapo Tofu. Mala Hot Pot is the next Sze Chuan hot pot restaurant you need to head over for the most authentic taste of the hottest (figuratively, it’s cold over there!) and spiciest (literally) Sze Chuan Hot Pot to grace Malaysia of its presence!

Mala Hot Pot gives you the flexibility to customize your order of your preferred spicy dish, with a large variety of diverse selections of seafood, vegetables, meats, and other vegetarian options if you’re on a health kick. You are then given an option to choose either noodles or rice to be cooked along with your selection of ingredients, and whether or not you want it to be boiled in spicy soup or fried in a special spicy paste, but not before they provide four different levels of spiciness you want your food to be.