Founded in June 2011, Lila Wadi had made a name for themselves in a very short span of time with their unparalleled taste. Lila Wadi is a famous restaurant which serves a large variety of cuisines, ranging from Thai to Western. 

Lila Wadi was also the first restaurant which brought about the concept of “BBQ in the Garden”. They have a very soothing environment which suits families and groups to have a jolly time. The BBQ menu, which was originated from a Japanese traveler, had gained many of Lila Wadi’s customers throughout the years. 

The delicious Pan BBQ, which sells around 20 Ringgit per person, had been their attraction since early 2012. The news regarding this meal had spread throughout Kuantan, making Lila Wadi a famous spot for a good dinner. One of the most signature dish, the Mango Cheese Cake, had caught the taste buds of many customers. With the fresh and alluring fragrant of the Mango, to the sweet and soft texture of the Cheese, it is undeniably one of the more famous point for Lila Wida. Of course, there are also other delicious dishes such as the Pandan Cooler, Grilled Chicken Chop and Lamb Fried Rice. 

Not only do they serve dinner and after-hours meal, they also cater to reservations and takeout. Not only is the environment relaxed and friendly, it is perfectly setup for groups of friends or family to hang out and have a good time.  

All in all, Lila Wadi is undoubtedly a restaurant that everyone should give it a try. The wide range of cuisines and the calming atmosphere really puts you at ease.