Kum Kee Charcoal Roast Pork Restaurant

Situated in Happy Garden, Kum Kee Charcoal Roast Pork Restaurant is an old shop that has been around for ages. The restaurant opens from morning to noon, so you can always visit this place for breakfast or lunch.

The roasted pork is served with a bit of sauce and few slices of cucumber on a plate. Many customers look for roasted pork with crispy skin and tender meat, and this is exactly what the restaurant serves. The skin of the roasted pork is crispy, the fats melts in your mouth, and the meat is not hard and difficult to chew.

Of course, you can also order a plate of rice to go with your roasted pork for a more filling meal. There are also other choices such as their chicken and char siew, but in the end, many still recommend the roast pork.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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