Located along the road side of Jalan Air Putih, GCV Curry House is a go-to place for the locals who enjoy Indian cuisine. Not only is it fully air-conditioned, creating a comfortable environment, there are also many servers thus you'll never have to wait for long to order or receive your food.

Of course, it is not possible to say you love Indian food if you've never tried Banana Leaf Rice. The Banana Leaf Rice has four side dishes, along with one type of meat of your choice. The more popular choices are curry mutton, fried mackerel, dry curry chicken and fried chicken.

The Banana Leaf Rice usually cost around RM 13.50 to RM 15 when you order chicken or mutton, however they are generous on the portions so it's definitely worth the price. The curry mutton is chewy and strong-flavored, and the curry is spicy and delectable. To make your meal even better, eat the rice with their papadums and dried chilies that are both salty and spicy.

Those who aren't feeling like having rice can also choose to eat the various types of "roti" there. Dishes like Idli and Appam has milder taste so it's advised to be dipped into the condiments provided. On the other hand, food like Tosai, Roti Telur and Roti Tisu can be eaten even without curry as they are already flavorful by themselves. You can even order Tosai Masala, which is the regular Tosai but with cooked potatoes, onions and other spices.