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DURIA is one of the pioneers in Malaysia to manufacture durian products, and lead the export of Malaysian durian products. DURIA is the leading brand of premium durian products from Malaysia.

DURIA Musang King Snowy Skin Mooncake has won the highest durian mooncake sales record for 9 consecutive years.

Their product control guarantees:

  • No preservatives
  • Filling is made of 100% durian flesh, without cubs (suitable for vegetarians)
  • HALAL Certification (Certain products)
  • ISO, GMO & MeSTI Certifications
  • Distributed frozen to maintain product freshness

DURIA provides many packages for their durian mooncakes this festive season. So pretty, right?

Let's look at some of the sets which caught our eyes.

Set A

2021 Duria - The Return of The King

Duria Signature Musang King Durian Snowy Skin Mooncake

The King of Fruits - Musang King Durian is coming back again with its irresistible taste & fragrance. Its deliciousness is a challenge for taste buds, and no other fruits can beat. Thus Duria’s Signature Musang King Snowy Skin Mooncake is named as The Return of the King.

We proudly present to you The Return of the King. A cannot-miss-dessert for all Durian lovers out there. Highly dangerous, you may get addicted.

Each Duria Signature mooncake represents the demeanor of the king, the glory of the king, and the royal of the king 

Set B
2021 Journey to the West - The Pandora Box
6 Flavours Musang King Snowy Skin Mooncake

Let the legendary Monkey King opening the door of the Pandora Moonlight Treasure Box to the Journey of the wonderful Musang King experience with 6 different unique snowy skin flavours. It will surely be a whole new experience to you!

Each mooncake has a different journey of mixing & matching creatively with Musang King bites.

? Made with 100% Musang King Pulp
? Halal Certified

Set C
2021 Enchanting The Premium

1x Signature, Charcoal, Vanillin, Mango, Cheese, Coffee Musang King Snowy Skin
1x Strawberry Cheese Snowy Skin
1x Blueberry Cheese Snowy Skin

The Premium brings you to the enchanting wonders of the galaxy. The brightest full moon is orbited by 7 different colours of lucky stars????

Send your loved one with this BIG surprise, Enchanting The Premium gift box now!

? Made with 100% Musang King Pulp & Australian Milk Cheese

Set D
2021 Childhood Garden Musang King Lava Baked Skin Mooncake

Childhood Garden brings back your childhood memories, bright and sunlit, roses blossom completely, exuding generous fragrances and hues, with shy buds clinging in anticipation. Come to the garden and enjoy a taste of traditional baked skin mixed with Musang King Lava filling.

2021 comes with an elegant rose gold 3D engraved gift box. Grab one Childhood Garden Musang King Lava Baked Skin Mooncake gift box now!

? Tempting palatable Musang King Lava

Set G
2021 Duria The King of Black Horse
Black Thorn Musang King Snowy Skin Grateful Mooncake

Black Thorn + Musang King durian is like The King of Black Horse, leading others with its ultimate power. Outer snowy skin is Pandan-flavoured and crafted gracefully which is a perfect gift to show gratefulness to the special person in your life. Inner fillings is indulged with the combination of famous Black Thorn and Musang King Durian

? Made with 100% Black Thorn & Musang King Pulp

Grab one of The King of Black Horse now!  Definitely a premium dessert for all Durian lovers out there!






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