Curbside Cantina is a food truck that roams around Kuala Lumpur serving up Mexican food. The food truck has gained a following that is just short of immense for their tacos and churros. This restaurant on wheels is the branchild of the husband-and-wife tag team, Tubby and Noreen; who were inspired by the Cali lifestyle which revolved around hot summer weather and beaches. The duo were first responsible for the Pink Sage Diner in Publika, but switched their focus to the food truck in 2014. The switch in focus has payed off for them as Malaysians are gobbling up about an average 4,500 of their tacos every month.

Among the highly consumed preparations of tacos served here is the fish taco. Other Mexican favourites to be had here include the chilli con carne and chicken tacos. These favourites come with a slight twist, where papadums are used in place of the regularly used tortilla chips. A Mexican treat that is also taken very seriously at the Curbside Cantina is the serving of churros, where the first churro that is dropped into the hot oil at the beginning of every shift starts the momentum of the service for the rest of the shift.

Some of the other non-Mexican items, that are still Mexican influenced, are the "Cemita" burger and the slow braised beef noodles. The other avenue that is taken seriously at Curbside Cantina is the inclusion of vegetarian and healthy food. With veggie koftas to start things off, more items are being experimented with and will be added on in time. Some of these items include gluten-free tortilla and vegan food.

So if you're looking for Mexincan food that's delicious and quick, look no further than Curbside Cantina.

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