CalleVerde Cafe is located not far from Pasar Seni LRT station, and serves fusion dishes such as Filipino and Western dishes. Despite the cafe being fairly new, the chef of the cafe is filled with experience, and cooks some of the most delicious dishes.

The restaurant sells dishes like pasta, soups, salads, breakfasts and main courses. Their Chili Con Carne matches Malaysian's preferences due to the element of spiciness. It's served with rice, which makes it more filling for those with big appetites. 

CalleVerde are also good with their coffee and desserts, such as their yam cake and avocado ice cream. Their yam cake is well-balanced in terms of flavor, and it's perfectly prepared that it's not too dry or too wet. The avocado ice cream is refreshing and unique, as it is pretty rare for you to find avocado flavored ice cream.

Coffee at CalleVerde is also something customers seem to love whenever they visit. The coffee is aromatic and warm, and the taste is consistent. Customers sometimes just visit the cafe to chill out with desserts and coffee.