Who would have thought the person responsible in creating such extravagant cakes behind Cakelicious MY is a gentleman. Syahir Akmal, as he is known as, bakes heavenly delicious cakes that are pretty well-known among many. But that is not the only reason he was invited to a reality talk show back in 2015, the outstanding visual of the cakes that will make people agape in awe was what surprises us all. The chrysanthemum-shaped buttercream decorating the top of a perfectly-baked cake is given the spotlight among them all. Such details were drawn perfectly one might been baffled as to whether a real chrysanthemum is actually been placed on it!

Many weddings and occasions have long appointed Cakelicious to garnish the heat with its jaw-dropping cake drawing guests’ attention to it. Although most are all around visually amazing nevertheless nothing overwhelms the taste of a cake itself, and as much as the eyes perceive it is likewise delectable. Such is Cakelicious’ Devil’s Chocolate Cake being their best-selling cake and yes, every bite is a sin to the palette God, if such thing even exists. Among the other things to expect when ordering with the owner is getting a hot, freshly made cake. Putting joke aside, Syahir is serious on his work and its after-product. It is a must for the customer to receive the cake an hour or two after he completed it ensuring a full satisfaction. Whether it be a tier, two-tier, or even three-tier cake, the price range is not going to be frowned upon. In other words, everything will be worth every penny. 

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