Located in the middle of hassle town, this Burger on 16 is one of the attractive eatery people will look up for. They are famously known for their fresh pure beef patty burger and flavorful desserts. Their best seller, Mad Cheese Burger is made up of 200g ground beef which is 100% pure beef without additional ingredients. Parallel to its name of "mad cheese" this menu is generous of cheese and this is so perfect for cheese lovers out there! Plus, you can request for additional cheese too! How great is that? 

Another best burger that has the attention of all patrons here is California Cheese Skirt. This is whereby you may find the crunchy layer in the middle and it is up to on how your eating style is. Usually, this menu is famous for appetizer and they would fold the let with the burger and let the teeth sink into it perfectly. 

Speaking of appetizer, there must be desserts too. In Burger on 16, J.J Crunch is another cute yummy attraction here. Besides of kids friendly, everyone would love for its cold and hot concept whereby it is served with cold outside and hot inside.  

A cafe would not be completed without a cup of coffee, isn't it? Whenever you drop by here, you must get a cup of hot latte. This is because of they use high premium coffee which gives a perfect taste of its hot latte and you will definitely go for it again in future. 

Try drop here and see how calm and cool the place is with the ambiance walls of Games of Throne and Bruce Lee pictures. You will definitely love it here!