Restaurants with Covid Cover – Dine In and Get Free Covid Cover

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Covid Cover - Dine In and Get Free Covid Cover

Reserve your dine in at any of the participating restaurants below and get a free Covid Cover

RM1,000.00 worth of food delivery vouchers on hospitalisation due to COVID-19

RM5,000.00 payment on death due to Covid-19 

How it works?

1. Make an online table reservation for dine-in at any of the participating outlet below with value that meets the minimum spend to qualify

2. Get a FREE COVID Insurance

Terms and Condition

a. Coverage is applicable when it exceeds the minimum spend set at the restaurant

b. RM1,000.00 of food delivery vouchers applicable to be used on selected delivery restaurants that has their menu and order form available for online dine-in booking on and

c. Applicable only for 30 day coverage

d. Applicable to anyone between the ages of 1 month old to 65 years old

e. Applicable to both local and foreign nationals

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