Teh Tarik Place came about back in 2007 by two best friends who wanted to modernise the ‘mamak’ culture in Malaysia. As the world goes further in bringing comfort and luxury, some people began appreciate finer things in life but still want to enjoy the great pleasure of old, well loved food.

The menu here is not overly abundant but with classic choices it does well to satisfy its customers. Generally divided into five types of food; rice, noodles, classic mamak roti canai, sides and drinks, there are still many to choose from. From the evergreen Nasi Lemak with Rendang or Fried Chicken, the Kelantan delight Nasi Kerabu, or the ever popular Mee Rebus, Teh Tarik Place is full of local delicacies. Add to that a selection of the best fillings of Roti Canai and you have yourself a place that is an upgrade in ambience and feel. However, the best thing here would have to be the teh tarik. What is known as 'the' Malaysian drink, Teh Tarik Place does theirs in style but still keeping the originality. Or, one could always go for treats like Milo Dinosaur or any of the fruit juices.

Upholding the general system of kopitiams, the way things work here is part self service. Each table is equipped with form sheets and pencils, so write down your order, come up to the cashier and pay. In a while the food will be brought out and served to you. The main attraction in this Putrajaya branch is the location. Teh Tarik Place did a good thing by acquiring the mall shop lot that oversees the infamous Putrajaya Lake. With the Steel Mosque within sight, experience the serenity of great views while sipping a cup of teh tarik.