Lavish Fusion Bakery which is located within the area of George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site has taken over social media since its opening. Being the sister café to one of the popular bakeries in Penang – Love A Loaf, Lavish Fusion has since stood out on its own. The café’s interior would be one of the many pull factors. Decorated with the concept of a garden, the café is filled with small potted plants and skylight to give the feeling of dining in the garden. The café is also operated by another small florist Petals and Leafs, located right at the front of their shop. 

Despite being a new startup bakery, Lavish has caught the attention of many due to its creative bakes as well as their instaworthy interior. Lavish serves an assortment of fresh bakes such as croissants, Danish pastries, and cronuts. Suitable for afternoon tea and desserts, Lavish comes up with different joyful offerings like their Volcanic Lava Cube or Snowy Ice Cream Croissant. If you are up for something colorful and sweet, try their series of Unicorn drinks. They are creamy concoctions that come in a variety of flavors.


Lavish Fusion Bakery is always filled with people that have a sweet tooth, coupled with the fact that their kitchen always comes up with new delights every now and then. So do come in as early as possible as parking over there is hard to find.

They recently launched Fuwa-Fuwa souffle pancake.

Durian Musang King-crispy croissant served with Musang King Ice Cream

Spacious interior design and modern furniture make a leisure seating area for customers.

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Every day

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