Yee Fatt Kopitiam has been around for a long time, decades long to be exact. Now on to the third generation of the family at the helm, Yee Fatt has maintained a life-long business that is much celebrated among people in Ipoh and our food industry. Over the years they have gone very little changes that ensure that the quality of the food remained the same. It is hard enough for a restaurant to be able to last so long, but even harder to keep up the same great familiar taste.

Hailing as the top among the top restaurant selling Curry Noodles, it shows that others have yet to top the kind of serving one would get at Yee Fatt. There are two types of curry noodles here; the dry version and the broth version. Served with either the yellow noodles or the strip rice noodles, a serving of either would also consists of pieces of chicken from the curry, bean sprouts, and/or pieces of barbecued pork, otherwise known as ‘char siew’. The dry noodles have a higher concentration of the curry combination of multiple spices that is spicier than your usual bowl of curry noodles. The curry for the dry version is creamier and thicker while the ‘wet’ serving is like the water down version of the other. But this is in no means lesser of a kick in taste. The broth is less spicy, not by much, but the overall flavour of the bowl is still in its own league.

What better way to enjoy your curry than with a cup of Herbal Tea? With or without a hard-boiled egg, the tea is a mixture of variety of herbs and rock sugar. Other items available are Lor Mai Gai, Egg Tarts, and Pork Chop Rice with fried egg. 

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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