If you are familiar of Ipoh’s whereabouts, you should know about the row of stalls alongside Stadium Ipoh that consists of a remarkable range of hawker fares. Ipoh folks love coming here for a good bowl of wanton mee, steamed rice rolls, Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun, and even banana leaf rice. However, in the midst of the busy food court, there is a hidden gem that sells one of the best Nasi Lemak in Ipoh. Wak Nasi Lemak is the name of the joint that serves delicious Malay breakfast dishes. Look out for the stall number 51 and a red signage with “Selamat Datang Wak Nasi Lemak’ written on it.


Just a few minutes after ordering, a plate of good looking Nasi Lemak will be served to your table. You can see the deliciously looking coconut milk-cooked rice, crunchy anchovies, spicy sambal, a piece of fried egg and your choice of meat all in one plate. For the side dishes, people always go for the delectable sambal sotong. Even though the portion here can be relatively small, but with only RM3.50, it is kind of a bargain to the locals. This one is perfect for the ones who love eating the small-sized yet delicious nasi lemak in lots of portion.


The dish is really filling for a breakfast meal, but maybe not big enough for a hearty lunch. In every dish, you will only get a small portion of meat like only two pieces of mouth-watering squid. Though it is undeniably tasty, you would wish for a more generous portion. But for meal that costs only RM3.50, there’s really nothing much to complain about.