Up & Up Restaurant located in Wisma Kinta, Jalan Yang Kalsom is a well-known Chinese restaurant that has been around for nearly 40 years now. Apparently they have been serving one of the best asam fish head curry in town. If you are judging by the never ending crowd, it is safe to say that they remain visibly uncontested until today. After the long success of their first outlet, they have opened another branch recently in Medan Ipoh. One step into the shop lot and you can already smell the wonderful aroma of the tangy tamarind and curry spices.


For a starter, you should probably try their bestseller item – fishballs. Fresh and bouncy, the big in size fishballs are made fresh using wolf herrings. Patrons usually pair it with the delicious garlic soy sauce as their perfect appetiser. If you look around, this one particular dish almost on every table and it is the sambal udang petai. It gives you the perfect combination of spicy, sweet, and sour, along with the pungent tanginess of petai and fresh juicy prawns.


Now let’s move on to the star of the show, the Asam Fish Head Curry. After your first try, you would realise why people have been sticking around for the last 37 years. Your fish head curry will be served in a hot clay pot which in a way enhances the overall taste of the dish and keep it warm even after quite some time. The gravy is definitely what makes it special. It is intensely sour, rich and creamy, pungent and spicy that blends so well together and makes it such a great delicacy.


Even after years of being in the business, Up & Up Restaurant never disappoint their customers. Although the price augments throughout the years due to the economic condition, the quality of their cuisine really makes up for it.