TWT (an abbreviation of TEA. WARMER. TREAT.) Café is a restaurant and café located in Medan Ipoh Bestari, which is on the opposite side of Festival Walk, Ipoh. This is one of the cafes in Ipoh that are a slight anomaly since a little more emphasis is placed on their selection of herbal teas as opposed to their coffee. In fact, this is done to the point that there isn’t a coffee selection to be found here outside of green tea latte.

When it comes to the food, the emphasis on western food is certainly there as seen in dishes such as appetisers like mushroom soup and mushroom ragout tart, as well as main dishes like the trio mushroom aglio olio pasta, spaghetti carbonara, smoked duck pizza, lamb shoulder, pan seared fish, and salmon steak. There are also a number of Asian dishes to enjoy, the most notable one being the teriyaki chicken and zaru soba.

Being a café, it is only natural to expect a number of delectable desserts to go along with your cup of tea. Some of these include a variety of different cheesecakes (i.e. chocolate, strawberry, etc.,), macarons, pavlova, tiramisu, brownies, and a slew of other cakes, cupcakes, ice creams, mille crepes; some of which can even be taken away for those of us who are on the move.

In short, the adventurous shift of focus from coffee to tea that TWT Café has taken on is definitely a welcome change, and there’s a decent range of food to go along with all of it.

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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