We will assume you have not been to this magical place in Ipoh and therefore will preserve the extra-ordinariness for you. Tong Sui Kai is a food region mostly catered for those who have a sweet tooth at odd timings of the day and for the supper clan. The name, translated to ‘dessert street’ is always doing well once the sun sets as it brings a wave of teenagers and a handful of late-nighters to devour all that the stalls have prepared.

Neatly arranged in one straight line alongside one half of the street whereas the other half is meant for all the tables and chairs, the row of hawker stalls are very much known to the locals as well as tourists that walk around the neighbourhood. With the availability of about 50 stalls, patrons can choose to have not only desserts but also other soupy meals like the famous porridge stall (No. 18) with a mixture of exotic toppings such as pork innards, frog legs or fish and chicken, Bak Kut Teh (Stall No. 20), Pangkor Curry Noodles (Stall No. 42) and etcetera.

The famous Cheong Kee Beef Noodles is located at Stall No. 47 where the hearty noodles are loved for their springy beef balls and smooth kuey teow noodles served in a tasty light broth.

Now, for the verdict of the dessert stalls that are the most popular. One of it is located at Stall No. 21 which sells ice kacang with ice cream, nyonya kuih and a handful of warm dessert soups like red and black bean, sweet potato, black sesame and so on so forth.

Another one is at Stall No. 41 which hosts more patrons because of its big portion of colourful desserts with an affordable price. Their famous dish is their extra-large mixed-fruits and ice cream served with shaved ice with rose syrup and condensed milk. 

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