Regenerating its name from a homonym that sounds like ‘Sweetheart’, Sweet Hut is one out of the many successful branches and outlets to focus mainly on the last course of every person’s meal. And now, the residents in Ipoh get to take delight with one division being set up in Greentown.

Ranging from crepe and lava cakes to puddings and core delicacy- shaved ice, there is a wide collection of desserts to choose from that will sooth your palate and bring joy to you in every bite. If you would love something warm but cooling for the body, they have a few selections of classic sweet soup as well. The signature Sweet Hut Specialty Coconut Pudding would be a great cooling aid in our Malaysia’s constant hot weather!

Regardless of being a dessert house in the first place, they serve light meals and snacks to go as well. The ones available are pancakes with yummy glutinous balls and international finger food like chicken mushroom pizza, chicken nuggets, potato wedges, charcoal bun burgers and many more!

There are various promotions available during any occasion so grab the opportunity to test out their limited edition creations. Additionally, Sweet Hut provides set lunches and dinner with chicken steak as the main course and the two choices of desert from the sago series.

For you dessert enthusiasts, this could be your to-go place for you to try each and every sweet course available. There are in the midst of launching a new menu therefore head over to their Facebook page to check out more.