For a good fish head curry, Ipoh folks will always go to the very well-known San Chai Restaurant. Located at a corner lot in Bercham, this legendary place has been around for about a decade now. The restaurant was always the go-to place whenever people crave for a good fish head curry, and up until today they still serve the same delightful quality of the famed cuisine. Though there is nothing really fancy to talk about the interior and décor of the shop, it is still clean and cosy to dine in.


Patrons would usually go for the Bercham San Chai’s famous Curry Fish Head. You will be served with an enormous grouper fish head plunged in the hot red gravy with a spicy aftertaste, yet not too piquant until you sweat buckets at the end of the meal. Fresh, sweet, firm, and fleshly, there is nothing really to complain about. Packed with bean curd skin, sweet onions, fresh tangy tomatoes, okra and a few mint leaves for additional aroma, this one is definitely a must-try. For a reasonable price, you will get quite a big portion that can fill four empty tummies.


Apart from that, the sweet and sour pork is also one of the signature dishes at San Chai Restaurant. The pork is first coated lightly in batter before being deep-fried making it crispy on the exterior and simply juicy and tender inside. The dish is served with delicious tomato-based sauce that goes perfectly with the deep-fried pork chunks.


You know how sometimes the simple restaurants can come out with a much more delicious dishes compared to the fancy eatery? Well, we think San Chai Restaurant is one of the simple restaurant that offers mouth-watering cuisine and you should definitely pay them a visit.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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