Situated in Taman Rasi of Menglembu (the town famous for groundnuts in Ipoh), Restoran Mun Ji (pronounced as Mun KEE in Cantonese) is gaining grounds as one of the more prominent ‘Chu Char’ (Chinese stir fried dishes and rice) restaurants in the area. The restaurant is a definite hotspot for dinner as its quite packed on most nights (around 7p.m.), to the point that sometimes one might even have to stand around and wait for a vacant seat.

One thing to note about Restoran Mun Ji is that there isn’t a fixed menu. What essentially happens here is that the cook whips up whatever he fancies, and updates his repertoire of dishes from time to time, so the waiters will brief you on their recommendations just as you’re about to order. That said, the one item that is regularly served here and pulls in these large crowds is undoubtedly the curry fish head. The dish contains ladies fingers, brinjals, bean curd, and of course, fish head.

Another dish to be regulary featured here is the Koe Loe Yuk (known to most of us as sweet & sour pork). The dish contains a generous amount of pork pieces and vegetables, with the ever so familiar tangy tomato-chili sauce duet that we all love. Just like most other Chinese restaurants like this, there are a myriad of stir fried vegetables that work great with a steaming hot plate of white rice.


So if you’re looking for something slightly different from the other Chu Char restaurants out there, Restoran Mun Ji is a good start.