Located on the outskirts of Ipoh's Greentown commercial hub, Restoran MP offers its gourmet services as a buffet-styled-all-you-can-eat steamboat eatery which caters to all your steamboat whims and wants, while providing a host of other gastronomic experiences under one roof.

In essence, with its rather spacious interior encompassing various sections -majority devoted to seating sections for patrons; the place is deemed suitable for large scale get-togethers between friends or relatives. With a brightly lit ambience, the place is rendered rather cosy and during peak hours, the restaurant will play host to quite a rowdy crowd, all patrons with a heart for steamboat.

For the spaces not allocated to seating, MP devoted those parts to bringing up food counters sporting extensive selection of ingredients meant for the steamboat. With steamboat in mind, the soup base is a core element for the dish to function, hence with that said, patrons can opt for two different kinds of broth (clear herbal broth or Tom Yam) to go with their preferred steamboat ingredients. In terms of ingredients allocated for patrons' sampling, you have your standard fare of protein-based meats such as poultry fresh from the farm, lamb from the meadows and briny seafood from the seas as well as various vegetables and edible fungi to complement your meal.

Of course, as the cooking process ensues, while waiting, patrons can also take a look at the colourful ensemble of ready-to-eat sushi are presented in trays, if not freshen up the palate with a serving of light salad amongst many other things. If anything, patrons will definitely be spoilt for choices.