With the list of different food outlets located in Ipoh, it can be an inconvenience to pinpoint the best ones. Situated at Jalan Wira Jaya and close to Gunung Rapat, Restoran May Sim has been one of those humbly hidden gems for their famous Hainan Curry Mee. Unlike other curry mee shops, this one has managed to establish itself into a more proper and comfortable restaurant that caters to its signature dish since the year 2003. The owner of the shop has been cooking using his own recipe throughout the years and now with the help of his daughter to manage the business, it is still going as strong.

The signature curry mee is served either dry or together with soup with the choice of yellow noodles or rice vermicelli. What makes the dish so palatable is the curry mee paste. Little do you know, they take the process of making it very seriously where it is prepared with the mixture of more than 10 spices combined. That explains the dark red colour and the spicy yet tasty flavour when consumed.

They have some choices of delectable meat that you can add to your meal; which is then charged accordingly based on the amount you have chosen. There are shredded chicken, roast pork, char siew, roasted pork belly, pork ribs or even a bowl of curry chicken. Last but not least, bean sprouts are added to even out the ratio of meat and then a piece of lime is included on top if you like it with a little sour taste.

Besides their renowned signature dish, they also include other dishes like ‘rojak’ and a variety of soup noodle dishes. Rice sets are also sold in the afternoon to ease the hunger of those who experience rush hours. The menu for the rice sets differ daily and will be sold at a small stall outside of the restaurant itself.

They have an amazing assortment of healthy refreshments to neutralise the curry like Iced Honey Lemon with Mint, Passionfruit with jelly and their Pumpkin Juice drink which is freshly blended and then added with milk and some chia seeds. The place also serves the famous Ipoh White Coffee if you would like some hot beverage.