Restoran Li Yuan Dim Sum Ipoh

In the city of Ipoh, many precious savoury delights are found in this area. One, in particular, is Restoran Li Yuan Dim Sum which seems to be one of the best-selling dim sum places in Ipoh. The quality, taste and standard of this restaurant has exuded many compliments from bloggers, locals and even tourists who find the dim sum delectable.


The restaurant is not hard to miss when having a huge signboard, right next to 7 Eleven. You won’t be able to miss it. The restaurant is well furnished and looks pretty grand as well. On one side, the restaurant is set up with round tables and cushioned chairs a slightly better standard of a Chinese restaurant. On the other side, booth tables are arranged neatly. Simple décor like orange sphere shaped lights gives a warm and relaxing ambience for the customers. Customers need not worry about the hot weather as the restaurant is equipped with air-conditioning and good ventilation.


Li Yuan Dim Sum dabbles on Beijing-style dumplings and a slightly different style to the normal dim sum served. Some of the famous dishes ordered are the two variety dumplings with chicken stock, prawn dumplings with carrot, preserved chicken meat with white rice, fried carrot cake and Three Variety Siew Mai with Fatt Chai and Crab roe. Aside from the dim sum menu, they also serve up a mean 'Scechwan Hand-Made Noodles' which comes in different styles. They always say that there’s always room for dessert so try having a taste of their freshly baked egg tarts.  


The restaurant’s service is pretty efficient with decent pricing. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood of Ipoh, do give Li Yuan Dim Sum a try.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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