Nestled within the town of Ipoh, a stone's throw away from the famous Lou Wong Ngar Choi Kai (Steam chicken with sprouts) and slightly further from one of Ipoh's best place to partake in delicious sweet Tau Foo Fah -the Funny Mountain Soya Bean and Milk joint; lies the humble, unassuming Comeson Restaurant with a trick up its culinary sleeve. Though not quite as impressive as the commercialized giants which surrounds the quaint restaurant, Comeson held its own by featuring its signature Wantan mee in catering to the food industry.

Opening its doors for business from as early as 7 in the morning, Comeson gets packed with throngs of living bodies with hungry tummies pretty fast, particularly during the weekends, so do yourself a favour and wake up a tad early if you wish to sample their wantan noodles because you will be missing out on a great deal of culinary prowess if you don't.

At any rate, wantan noodles wise, Comeson's egg noodles are home made daily, ensuring its freshness which you can discern once you have taken a bite of it. Springy, chewy, al dente; call it whatever you like, Comeson's wantan noodles are the epitome of those adjectives. Mixed thoroughly in a very light sauce, the glistening noodles goes well with the condiments that compliments the dish, from decadent chunks of barbequed Char Siew to in-house braised pork as well as meat-filled dumplings in which the name of the dish is derived from -wantan

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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