Pakeeza Restaurant & Catering is a restaurant that has been around for quite some time now. Ipoh folks have probably grew up with their delicious and authentic Indian cuisine. Throughout the years they are trying their best to satisfy their loyal customers by renovating the whole place and improving in terms of cooking. For their regular customers, walking into the restaurant really made them feel like stepping into a new restaurant. The interior is beautifully designed, bright and not too confined making it super cosy for customers to dine in.


One of the reasons why patrons enjoy coming back to Pakeeza is because of their pleasant and prompt service. Pakeeza is specifically well-known for their Naan. Each plate of naan will be cut into four and enough to feed two to three person. The breads come in many flavours but garlic, Kashmiri, and cheese are the top three bestsellers. Here, you can either go for the Naans and several side dishes, or opt for the Briyani and pair it with your choice of meat.


For Biryani, the Butter Chicken is highly recommended. It gives you a strong black pepper flavour and creamy gravy of spicy curry and cream. The chicken is nicely marinated and grilled to perfection using the traditional Tandoori method. If Mutton is more your thing, Mutton Vindaloo is definitely worth a try. It is a dry curry that consists of different spices flavours with chunks of fatty mutton. However, there is always the fish head curry option for people who prefer to have their Briyani with fish. 


Though some people said that their ‘tired’ of getting the same old menu selections for the past 20 years, but with the same quality of food and price that never went up, we are sure that Pakeeza Restaurant & Catering is here to stay.

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