Amidst the neighbourhood area of Taman Perpaduan sits NasiLemak Kukus Kak Leha that is pretty well known among Ipoh-rians. In general, Nasi Lemak is synonymous to Malaysians and one can be referred to another without a single hesitation. Almost at every corner of Malaysian’s road can we find a classic ol’ plate of Nasi Lemak and finding a good one is not that of a big deal. In this millennia that we live in, a good plate of nasi lemak can be gotten easily therefore it is vital for a specific nasi lemak to have its own distinguish characteristic whether be it the taste, texture, or even the smell. Nevertheless, the overall authenticity of it does not deteriorate even for a bit.

 Nasi Lemak Kukus Kak Leha on the other hand is among the many places that still offers authentic nasi lemak kukus dish where ‘kukus’ or steam is still being used as part of cooking the rice. Do take note that ‘kukus’ rice taste a little softer and richer than that of usual rice-cooker rice which makes Kak Leha’s nasi lemak a tad better than any other. A good sambal also forms as the most important ingredient to be paired with the rice and at Kak Leha they are of variety to choose from such as squid sambal, prawn sambal, and other types as well. It can be said that Kak Leha’s nasi lemak is definitely among the recommended ones, and it is assured can be testified by many that have had their fair share on tasting it.