Morsel Eatery, at first glance, would seem like many other boutique cafes that have recently appeared like mushrooms after a rainstorm. But situated in the heart of Ipoh, a town known for its rich heritage and exquisite food, Morsel Eatery is plenty more than meets the eye.

Despite its rather generic outlook, the interior sports a cozy and vibrant atmosphere ideal for a get-together with friends and family. But not to digress from the main focus, their menu seemed to guarantee satisfaction, down to every morsel -pun intended. Especially if you are a lover of pork and bacon.

With a fusion of both Asian and western cuisines, the menu in Morsel Eatery boast  extensively of pork-based dishes, from their Big Breakfast -with wonderfully grilled pork sausages and pan-fried bacon; to homemade grilled pork chop rice, to ribs, pizza and sandwiches (the BLT Panini sandwich). The passionate cooks in Morsel's go to great lengths to ensure that their pork dishes are done in a manner that will make you crave for more. Of course, Morsel Eatery have their selection of poultry and seafood based dishes as well, along with simple pastries if you are not up for more substantial meals.

But in Morsel Eatery, it does not stop there. If you are feeling a tad adventurous with your palate, you can definitely try out Morsel's signature dish that sets them apart from other boutique cafes. Being the first cafe in Ipoh to bring upon the table the Iberico pork -a meaty, yet lean flavorful high quality pork imported from aboard; you will be hard-pressed to find another cafe joint in the immediate region that will be on par with what they serve in Morsel. 

So, strap yourselves in, and hang on tight. In Morsel, you will be in for a porky ride.