The infamous street of Menglembu has always – and still is – been known as a glutton street where stretches of hawkers place can be gotten manning their delicious street food menu to cater for the long lines of patrons that cannot contain their excitement to get their hands on of those scrumptious looking devils. Ranging from Egg Noodles dish to Roasted Honey Chicken, Menglembu Street would qualify to be the 7th level of heaven for foodies considering the abundance of food that the street caters. This street stands out the most as one of the best places for a great bowl of Wantan Mee, be it dry or soup, and to top it all off its pork platter that serves braised pig parts all in one big plate that simply cannot be missed.

A little overrated one might say on Wonderful Honey Chicken where this famous place is always known for its delicious chicken galore from fried chicken to honey chicken wings, but the reputation it holds stays true. This 26 year old stall has been in operation since late 80’s and still is going strong until today. Moreover, it is almost impossible to disregard Menglembu’s lobak dish whenever you get the chance to make a trip here, where the stuffed pork rolls are deep fried to perfection and complemented by sweet chilli sauce later on but with a little twist of adding in different parts of the pig as part of the dish. In short, there is nothing to be missed at Menglembu Street where everything are ought to tried. 

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