Medan Selera Stadium Ipoh is not a strange name among the folks of Ipoh. Located exactly at the vicinity of where the stadium stands, this ‘medan selera’ or food court houses strands of hawker fares with abundance of dishes to choose from and an absolute heaven for foodies. Among the many stalls under the helm of the food court there, sits one stall that sells wonton noodles and it is beyond delicious. This famous wonton is widely known and even a favourite of Malaysia’s celebrities including Dato’ Michelle Yeoh! This stall only bears the signage ‘wonton mee’ without any specific branding to it and yet many people had flocked in to try on this famous mee. It is suffice to say that the people whom have had their fair share in trying this wonton mee can testify on the deliciousness that is packed in one bowl.

 This stall that is manned by a duo of a husband and wife is located at a few stores away from Frankie’s No 17 juice store where even at a few steps away the smell of broiled wonton skin can be sniffed of. The wonton and wonton noodles are stacked nicely on the shelf before cooking yet they were prepared freshly beforehand. This famous wonton mee dish stall is never short on its customers. With the stalls operation hour that is limited only in the evening, you can definitely witness throngs of people lining up every night to get their hands on this scrumptious looking dish. In short, it is almost impossible not to make a trip to this famous mee once you are in the vicinity of the stadium.