Ipoh is the go-to place for people who crave some bean sprouts chicken or “Ngah Choy Kai”. Lou Wong is considered as one of the legendary place for serving delicious chicken rice, bean sprouts chicken, and many other delightful delicacies. People all over Malaysia and even overseas are willing to drive to Ipoh just to have this well-known Ipoh specialty. Some say after tasting the chicken rice here, you would not want to try any other restaurant except for this one. Even though they do not have the best service compared to other restaurants, but the food is serve to you pretty fast despite the never ending flow of patrons.


If you are looking for some great blanched bean sprouts in Ipoh, Lou Wong is offering one of the best blanched bean sprouts. Sesame oil, soy sauce, chicken oil, and shallot oil are all mixed together with the crunchy and juicy bean sprout resulting in a very mouth-watering dish. Not to forget, the sar hor fun served here is also super tasty. Lots of chicken carcasses are used in the making of the stock, in order to produce a flavourful broth. The noodles in the dish are also very smooth.


Lou Wong’s steamed chicken’s skin has a slippery smooth texture with a tender but firm meat. Bean sprouts that grow in Ipoh is said to be crunchy and juicy due to hard water from the limestone hills surrounding the city. The super aromatic rice is one of the main attraction of this tasty platter compared to other version of chicken rice. Your lunch or dinner will be complete after sipping the delicious sar hor fun and crunchy sprouts, along with the spicy chilli and tender chicken.

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