Located in Jalan Raja Muda Perak, Kedai Makanan Kum Kee is gleaming evidently to passersby especially at night with throngs of customers coming in and out as if the hours are still early. While some would be busily snoring their nights away tucking themselves in blankets, the night-owl crowds would opt for Kedai Makanan Kum Kee to get their midnight snack fix – not so much of ‘snack’ but rather a hefty set of delicious meal ranging from Chicken Rice to Hor Hee Noodle. Interestingly, this restaurant houses many stalls that each specializes in different type of meals, and strings of them are line up neatly inside this place. It is a no wonder that Ipoh-rians felt the need to get their craving fix at this restaurant considering that many choices are offered. Although a little secluded in between neighbourhood and midst of houses, but the place never cease to tone down on its customers.

Among the many offerings of Kum Kee, it would be impossible not to mention this restaurant’s most popular Braised Chicken Feet that is drenched under a dark thicken soy sauce and some spices for taste. A pretty fitting midnight snack one might say. However for a little twist, Kum Kee’s Big Small Feet – literally translated to – is an absolute must have. A dish that combines braised chicken feet with pork trotter all in one plate simply cannot be passed on especially when this side dish is paired with mains such as Hor Hee Noodle or perhaps their classic hot piping Yong Tau Foo that would be too perfect during a cold night.