Kedai Makanan Chuan Fatt Curry Mee Ipoh

Driving around Perak especially Ipoh, would be absurd not to have a pit stop at one of the places that sell a good bowl of Ipoh’s famous Curry Mee. If you happened to be in along the stretch of Jalan Pasir Puteh, Kedai Makanan Chuan Fatt is a restaurant that cannot be looked pass. Chuan Fatt’s establishment is a legend for many Ipoh-rians. This restaurant has been around for quite a long time, and its passed season by season is evident on milieu of the inside with old school green tiled walls, alike of the 70’s architecture reformation design, mosaic floors, and seasoned tables and chairs so much so that are probably as old as the restaurant itself.

The Curry Mee here is somewhat emit off a familiar taste of an authentic Ipoh Curry Mee and the best part is if it is paired with Chuan Fatt’s fried chicken wings that are fried to crisp on every edge of the wings. Side dishes to complement Chuan Fatt’s curry mee are not a problem to find in this restaurant of which among the many their assam chicken and char yoke (fried pork) are hits among customers. The sweet yet zesty aftertaste of the assam chicken is a fitting addition to the curry mee and yet does not overwhelm the taste of the curry mee at all. Kedai Makanan Chuan Fatt is never toned down on the amount of its customers. From breakfast to dinner, this restaurant is often packed at most times but who could blame them, the curry mee here is legendary.