Kedai Kopi Woh Heng is one of the many kopitiams that fill this country with just as much historical and cultural importance as the rest of them. This restaurant gained it’s time under the spotlight when it was located just opposite one of the more prominent dim sum outlets in Ipoh, Restoran Foh San. It would be commonplace during this period to find many of the people who could not find a place in the famous dim sum restaurant to crowd here as an alternative.

As far as the food is concerned, there’s plenty to enjoy just like most kopitiams, including the perennial kopitiam treat of kaya toast bread. That said, customers limit their choices to the Yong Tau Foo, wantan noodles and curry noodles served here. The curry noodles especially are the obvious standout in this already shortened list, as there is a dry version (the version most ordered) and a soup version available here. The bowl here is kept pretty simple where it contains mint leaves, shredded chicken breast, pork pieces, some peeled prawns, and of course Ipoh bean sprouts. There’s also a side of lime to help add more flavour to the bowl. That said, there are some notable differences in this bowl of curry noodles compared to what you would find in other areas like Kuala Lumpur. For starters, the gravy is of a slightly darker shade, yet the flavours aren’t as rich as other bowls of curry noodles.


So if you’re looking for some great food and a kopitiam experience to go along, do head over to Kedai Kopi Woh Heng.