Restoran Fatt Kee is a hawker centre nestled among shop houses near the Ipoh Field (Padang Ipoh). It is not as crowded and tourist-packed as some of the more famed hawker places in Ipoh, but a lot of locals swear by it. As the saying goes, to look for good food in an area, go to where the locals go.

The interior of the shop is simple and old-school, reminiscence of many patrons’ childhood days with the plastic chairs and marble topped tables with wooden legs. With rattling celling fans to keep the customers cool from the blazing Malaysian heat, it is a decent place for friends and family to hang out and chat over good food.

There are a couple of stalls selling a variety of hawker fare, among them one that serves up a storm of Indian Mee Goreng (Indian fried noodles) and Rojak Pasembur. Their mee goreng is laden with fried bean curd, potato, bean sprouts and egg. Skilfully fried, it is tangy and spicy at the same time. Squeeze the lime provided onto your noodles for extra zest. The rojak pasembur is served with a sweet and spicy nut sauce that goes amazingly with the fried seafood, cucumber, turnip, potato and bean curd.

Another stall serves delectable Dry Curry Mee which is made of wan tan mee noodles topped with curry chicken Hainanese-style. The tender chicken meat and starchy potato goes well with the noodles.

Apart from that, visitors can also order a creamy cup of coffee or sample the Poppiah and Tau Fu Fah there.