Jalan Datoh Noodle Stall @ Ipoh Garden South Ipoh

Jalan Datoh is a stretch of road connecting the Ipoh town centre to Pasir Puteh. It constitutes the older portion of Ipoh town, and it is said that there was a rather popular wantan noodle stall operating there. However, it went on the commercialized route and moved to a newer outlet in Ipoh Garden South. That is how Jalan Datoh Noodle Stall, a noodle shop with nicer ambience and better presentation unlike most uncomfortable and hot hawker stalls came about.

Their interior is a reminiscence of the pre-modern era of Shanghai with a homely décor consisting primarily of timber and marble. The tables and chairs are made of dark wood and the doors and windows are adorned with oriental patterns. There are traditional watercolour paintings featuring picturesque sceneries and beautiful women on the wall. The shop is divided into two areas, with the inside section being air-conditioned.

Do give their signature Roast Pork Prawn Wanton Noodles a try. Their homemade egg noodles are devoid of the usual alkaline taste and bounces in your mouth. The char siew is marinated in slightly sweet gravy and does not come in artificial hues of red. It is half-fat and half-lean, melting in your mouth. The Wantan can be fried or served in soup and comes in either prawn or pork fillings. Apart from that, you can also sample their Sui Kow, a type of dumpling with minced pork or prawn and assorted chopped vegetables.

Quench your thirst with their Teh C Special (3 layered milk tea). You can adjust the sweetness of your drink depending on how vigorously you blend the layers of tea, condensed milk and palm sugar. There are also side orders such as Fried Mook Yee (black fungus) and Fried Chopped Yambeans available.