Dedicated and passionate is what Indulgence Restaurant & Living is all about. Owned by Chef Julie Song whose passion is that one element that keeps her restaurant going in business and running successfully. Indulgence was established in May 1996 from a small half-shop lot café serving only cakes and coffee to a grand colonial building in November 2005 serving Modern European cuisine to their faithful loyal customers. The restaurant then expanded and turned into a new and improved innovative restaurant and living where customers are able to enjoy a pleasant stay in their small boutique hotel. Thus, culminating a unique living experience for all guests.


The idea of this restaurant was to create an idyllic dining experience in an informal environment with luxurious and quality food that’s quoted “beautiful to the eyes, aromatic to the nose and pleasurable to the palate.” Indulgence occupies a big bungalow house that looks absolutely homey and cosy. Plenty of greenery around and space to go for a short stroll. The interior is quaint and retro with antique birdcages hung around as décor together with a couple of indoor plants giving the restaurant a fresh tropical updo. Every nook of the restaurant invokes a different ambience.


Indulgence’s menu is peculiarly special as it changes weekly but there are a couple of main stayers like Kumamoto oysters from the US, foie gras and the highest grade of Australian Wagyu and Japanese Kobe beef. Its main menu features fresh quality sashimi and seafood, gourmet vegetables and seasonal fruits like fresh Turkish figs and Kumatos (black tomatoes). Do try their feta meatballs and zucchini, Orzo (clams, chillies and fresh herbs) and the braised Angus short ribs.   


Not forgetting desserts to complete your meal like their oozing caramel brownies, raspberry matcha cake and raspberry chocolate meringue that’s whipped up perfectly for your sweet tooth.

Operating Hour

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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