The usual flatbread that has been a staple breakfast for most Malaysians is never dull to have it in the morning or even at anytime of the day. Although usually made by ‘mamak’ or also known in a better term of Indian-Muslim community, Malay version of flatbread is a hit perhaps due to the fact that the aftertaste and texture is suited to the liking of the locals which is not only upon the flatbread itself but also reflected on the condiments and gravy that come along with it. For Ipoh-rians, getting flatbread for breakfast is quite a demand but nevertheless, their number one spot that crosses their minds whenever roti canai is craved for is Roti Canai Fuad.

Situated in Medan Selera Stadium Ipoh, Roti Canai Fuad manned itself among the many stalls along the food court alleyway of the stadium by selling, of course, flatbread or roti canai, and even heavier set of meals such as Nasi Lemak, and Fried Noodles. Fuad’s roti canai is a hit among the crowds especially when it stands at a cheap price. What makes a good roti canai depends on the taste and texture of the bread and at Fuad they definitely have succeeded at both which explains as to why the place will be swarmed with people every morning. Slightly fluffy yet still crispy on the edges and what more if it is paired with dhal curry and sambal, Fuad’s flatbread is a definite must-try. Also Fuad’s Nasi Lemak is worth a shot as well. This classic Malaysian staple can never go wrong at a plate or two and perhaps one roti canai afterwards would not do any harm.