Ipoh - A town of rich history and great heritage, particularly in the food industry. Known to many food enthusiasts of old and new, Ipoh is one of the best places to explore for its food galore. And located along Jalan Hussein of Ipoh's oldtown, lies a gem that caters to all your gastronomical wants: the Euro House Bar and Grill.

In essence a Western-inclined restaurant which also serves as a bar and bistro, their menu items ranges from steaks to pastas, chops to salads to pizzas and snacks along with a comprehensive selection of beers and liquors to choose from. It's hardly a wonder why the night scene in Euro House is always so packed with throngs of live bodies. 

In terms of steak, Euro House serves one of the best in town. Using rib-eye in particular, the meat is grilled to a medium rare perfection, seared on the outside, but juicy pink and tender on the inside. Garnished with a drizzle of their home-made steak sauce along with assorted vegetables, you are bound to have a good time tucking into your beef.

Yet another signature of theirs is their spaghetti ala carbonara. Cooked al-dente, the spaghetti is introduced to a thick, rich layer of creamy white sauce, mixed with pancetta bits along with herbs and spices. Fragrant and aromatic is the way to describe the dish at first whiff. As if that is not enough, the chef compliments the dish with an additional yolk that will enhance the richness of the sauce, ensuring a delightfully sinful yet hearty meal.

Sausage platters and roasted duck, along with their pizzas are also the few of their crowd pleasers. And of course, after the main course, what is better than having a good pint of your favorite beer to wash your meal down, to unwind and to relax. Simply put, here in Euro House, they have it all, ensuring food enthusiasts and beer connoisseurs get what they want all under one roof.

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