Egg Tarts King @ All Inn Café Ipoh

Desserts galore is perhaps one of life’s littlest pleasures and All In Cafe situated in Ipoh is among the places you can dive in for some of the best traditional Chinese desserts around. Located along Jalan Panglima where row of shops consisted of restaurants, cafes, and just about anything can be gotten, All In Cafe quietly sits itself as among the pioneers of cafe scene that has long started a few years back. This cafe put forth desserts as its main offering ranging from the traditional to modern Chinese desserts such as egg tarts by Egg Tarts King.

 It is almost safe to say All In Cafe is among the few places that you can enjoy Chinese or Cantonese desserts in a much cosier environment alike of a cafe-like setting as compared to a restaurant. And even better that since All In Cafe focuses solely on the desserts that they make, such cornerstone would produce delicious ones that definitely resembles your ever familiar ‘tong sui’. The desserts offered here in this cafe are rather extensive such as Herbal Jelly dessert where the jellies used are literally made of herbal ingredients to be topped with honey and red beans that finishes off with coconut milk. For the sweet teeth out there, All In Cafe’s Saigo with Fruits would be the perfect dessert after a heavy set of meal where the chew and bouncy saigo really complements the sweet coconut milk that is added with fruit cuts enhancing the natural sweetness in it. In short, All In Cafe is the exact place to be for scrumptious looking desserts. 

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