Cafes have been mushrooming all around Ipoh a couple of years back and beginning of 2016 Cafe De Rasta has made its way into Taman Jubilee in the middle of Ipoh as a laid back cafe to platform a socializing environment. Claiming to serve a diversified culinary culture, Cafe De Rasta put forth a modern fusion in the dishes from different countries at different parts of the world. Rather Euro centric of the cuisines and yet hints of Mediterranean and local delicacies can be spotted here and there such as their Seafood Spaghetti. Since this cafe provides a rather chilling vibe alike of a great place to loosen the tense after a long day at work, Cafe De Rasta dish out more likely an array of desserts and light-hearty meal such as sandwiches.

Among the many it is near to impossible not to try out their Cake in a Jar special, or a perhaps their adorable making of Cupcakes such as red velvet. Crepes here are to die for some would claim, ranging from one flavour to another. A good slice of cheesecake rarely can be gotten but fortunately Cafe de Rasta caters to such and it would be a pity not to try some likewise of their tiramisu. All day breakfast meal is also available including their succulent French toast which patrons can always opt for, for a light snack. The place itself gives off an interesting concept that it ambiguously expressed. Not a defined and specific conception but fairly a weave of ideas and multicultural cooked image with Rastafarian approach at most. 

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