Everybody loves Ipoh for its delicious authentic food. If you have ever been to Ipoh, you can spot a lot of unique cafés and restaurants offering really good cuisine. Not like those pretentious cafés selling overpriced delicacies, the ones in Ipoh are definitely delicious. Same goes to this little café called Buku Tiga Lima located just next to the very famous Burp and Giggles. We also think that they share the same owner. The amusing thing here is, it has no proper entrance. You have to enter Burp and Giggles’s entrance and go through a small door inside. Isn’t it feels like Alice in the Wonderland?


The interior is very unique and quirky. Every little thing is different from one another – tables have different chairs, antique décors, old motorbikes, outdated power switches, and many more. Just wonder around and you will surely find something antique and unique every time. Buku Tiga Lima provides light comfort foods like crepes, bagels and a few heavier meals.


For something sweet, you can start with the the Pears, Mars chunk, mascarpone, ginger butterscotch crepe that will cost of you about RM13. Once the dish is served, you can instantly see the beautiful light crepe with thin and crispy edges. In every bite, you will taste the caramel Mars chunks, the creamy ginger butterscotch, mascarpone, and of course the delightful crepe. Besides that, you can try the Braised Lamb Neck and Spiced Beans on the ‘Hot Spud’ menu. This dish is simply delicious with the flavourful and tender lamb neck, wonderful aroma of braised lamb, and sweet potato. Sister Flo and Lola are also among the must-try dishes of Buku Tiga Lima.


So if you are wondering around Ipoh not really sure where to head to for a delicious western cuisine, just come over to this vintage quaint café, Buku Tiga Lima for a quirky dining experience.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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