People are always in the search for the best nasi lemak in town. Usually the best kind of nasi lemak is not something you can find at the high-end restaurants or 5-stars eateries. The best ones are either from a simple roadside stall or hidden somewhere that not everyone knows about. In Ipoh, you can find one particular joint in Ipoh Garden selling one of the best nasi lemak in the area. Allongs Restaurant is well-known for their Nasi Lemak – the essence of great Malaysian breakfast. You can choose to have your fragrant coconut milk rice to be served with any of the condiments and side dishes that you can choose at the counter. Here’s a suggestion, go for their bestseller – Nasi Lemak Sotong Kering.


Of course you won’t be served with a piece of chicken meat or a tender duck flesh. Instead, you will get a chewy and absolutely addictive chunks of dried cuttlefish made in a spicy chili paste, or better known as Sambal Sotong Kering. Now, what makes this restaurant extraordinary compared to others? Apparently diners are all in love with the restaurant’s version of Sambal Sotong Kering. Thinly sliced dried cuttlefish, a bit tougher than the regular ones and provides a scrumptious attractiveness. The hint of sweetness added to the sambal really does take the dish to a whole new level.


Apart from that, local residents often go for the restaurant’s other bestselling item, the Lontong – a popular traditional Malay dish that consists of boiled compressed rice known as 'ketupat', served in a soggy yet decadent broth that tasted aromatic of 'santan', turmeric, chili paste and various spices. Your plate of lontong will be topped with cabbages, dried shrimps and pan-fried grated coconut. We think the Lontong and Nasi Lemak should give you enough reason to pay Allongs Restaurant a visit.

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