Yi Bing Qing Fish Head Steamboat George Town

Let’s say you are looking for something sweet. Maybe a rich and flavourful bowl of soup. Then probably you may be interested for some steamboat for dinner. All of its flavours comes from boiling all the different ingredients you put in the pot, which also makes each pot different and unique in taste. Located in George Town, Penang, or more specifically along Jalan Nagar, not too far away from Little India, this restaurant I what many would call an ordinary steamboat place.

To put things in to perspective, it is located in a classic shop lot with old fashioned flooring and walls, but don’t get the wrong idea, it is still cosy and spacious enough to accommodate your steamboat cravings. What’s more, adding up to the simple ambience, the waiter and waitresses here are as friendly and helpful as they can be, from making sure you get your orders right to soup refill standbys. Let’s face it, having steamboat is not worth it if you are alone, usually it is enjoyed with family and friends, because in the end, you may end up not finishing all the many items you ordered.

While here, do not hesitate to give their Homemade Sour and Spicy Fish Head Steamboat if you are looking for a blast of palatable goodness in your mouth. Other than steamboat, their Traditional Grouper Head Soup with Rice Vermicelli and Fried Fillet and their Special Braised Pork Porridge as well as the Indonesia Spicy Chicken Curry are best with their Spicy Crab Balls. 

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