Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen George Town

Xuan Xin can be one of the well-known brand of Chinese restaurants and can be mostly found in prestigious malls. Located in Gurney Plaza, Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen is inviting passersby to indulge in their many choices of noodles. Though it may occupy quite a small lot in the basement, never underestimate the amount of visitors to the restaurant during peak hours like lunch and dinner. Compared to other outlets, this one particularly focuses on ramen with a handful of other Chinese dishes as well.

In the menu, every dish is illustrated with pictures to enable an easier decision-making process. Nonetheless, here are a few recommendations that you can get if you cannot make up your mind. If you like something with a thicker soup, try out the Ramen with Prawn and Crabmeat or the one with the minced pork.  Both dishes might be slightly spicy but the broth makes it tasty.

One of the choices you can have is the Baked Cheese Ramen with Pork chop and curry from the cheesy food section. You will have a bowl of springy noodles in delicious broth and pieces of pork before layered with melted cheese to beautify the dish. You get 2 pieces of broccoli as well as complements to the dish. If you prefer cheese layered on rice instead, they too provide the option.

If you reckon you would like something other than noodles, Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen includes fried rice dishes or the normal steamed rice matched with other ingredients like pork ribs or steamed chicken and salted fish. There is congee available as well for those who prefer something healthier together with stuffed dumplings.

Pick some refreshments from the list like their crafted mocktails like Kiwi and Strawberry flavour or just settle for some hot coffee.