Chicken Rice has always been one of the staple delicacy among Penangnites. Whether they are having it for lunch or dinner, Hainanese chicken rice will always be the obligatory dish. In Penang, there is a very popular chicken rice stall that has been featured in many newspapers. Wen Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant is the name of the eatery and it is named after a type of chicken dish from Wenchang city in Hainan, China. Apparently Wenchang chicken dish is the original version of Hainanese Chicken Rice. This is a family run business which explains why most of the workers consists of their own family members. Although its interior can fit up to 50 people, but do expect a long queue especially during peak hours.


The rice, chicken, soup and sauce are served separately in different bowls and plates. The chicken soup that comes alongside the dish tastes wonderful and very nourishing for our body. Besides the regular menu items, you can also order other side dishes such as chicken innards, loh bak, braised eggs, soy sauce bean curds and many more. Loh Bak offered here is definitely a must-try. Bean curd skin is carefully wrapped around the beautifully marinated minced pork, and deep fried. You’ll love the lovely crunchy texture of the bean curd skin. However, this one is quite sweet and best eaten with the sweet chili sauce given.


One of the main reasons that makes the chicken rice here one of the best in Penang is that garlic chili sauce. The hotness and freshness of garlic and vinegar taste goes really well with the rice and chicken. Now that you know one of the best chicken rice in the island, there is no excuse to not come and visit the Wen Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant for your chicken rice fix. 

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