Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar is a Bulgarian restaurant in Taman Tanjung Bunga, Penang, as well as being one of the only Bulgarian restaurants in the Southeast Asian region. The idea for Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar was conceived seven years ago by a Bulgarian family who chose Penang as their home. Their daughter is married to a Penangite who is also a renowned theming consultant. By combining the passion for Bulgarian food and the creative talent for theming, Vintage Bulgaria has created the realism of a typical Bulgarian dining ambience, which comes in handy for romantic dinner dates.

As far as the food is concerned, the focus is most definitely on Bulgarian cuisine, which is famous for its grilled meats and rich salads required at every meal, on top of the seasonal offerings that are commonplace in Bulgaria. Some of the authentic Bulgarian dishes to be had at Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar include the Orley Wraps, Shopska Salad, Bulgarian Sausage Platter, Plovdiv Ribs, and much more. There are also other dishes from other cuisines that can be enjoyed which include a few pasta dishes, teriyaki salmon, oxtail soup, pork knuckles, and a number of others.

Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar being a pub naturally has a lot of different beverages to go along with the hearty Bulgarian meal. These include milkshakes, mocktails, coffee, tea, house wine, Bulgarian Rakiya, fruit juices, beer and soft drinks.

So do head on down to Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar and soak in the Bulgarian experience in Penang. With the rarity of Bulgarian restaurants the way it is, this restaurant cannot be missed if the opportunity presents itself.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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