Located within the hustle and bustle of Georgetown's vicinity, Village Coffee Shop holds in the heart of many locals as the joint to get their fix of Tom YamAs far as Tom Yam is concerned, Penang is no stranger to the word, as many restaurants and food courts scattered across the island offer the aforementioned dish. But for the people within immediate area of Weld Quay, it's either only Village Coffee Shop Tom Yam or no Tom Yam.

Served piping hot in a huge bowl, the steady red coloration of the tom yam is rather intimidating at first glance and for good reason. The kick that ensues when you taste it for the first time; explosive. And the kick from the spiciness lasts throughout the entire length of the meal, permeating your taste buds as they struggle to discern what they want; relieve from the sensational spiciness, or the excitement derived from it.

The noodles used are of your regular instant noodles but rest assured, you will be not be able distinguish the chalkiness of the noodles as the Tom Yam broth will do a wonderful job of masking it out. As a result, you will be able to enjoy a nice bowl of springy noodles immersed in a bowl of sour and spicy soup.

But if you are not able to stomach a great deal of spiciness -yes, it is seriously spicy- from the Tom Yam, Village Coffee Shop offers an alternative of plain soup with a selection of noodle variety which will go along with the other ingredients: fish slices, meatballs and spring onions as garnish. It's simple, but it's good.

Do note that prior to ordering, customers are able to choose from a wide selection of side dishes to accompany the noodles, but it will incur additional charges according to the side dish chosen. Also another issue worth noting would be the waiting time, it can be rather long depending on the people traffic. But all in all, it would be worth the wait.

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