South Indian and North Indian restaurants are never short on its list but to find a good one in Penang is not exactly easy especially when Penang delicacies have their very own spotlight. This is where Veloo Villas comes in of which for more than 50 years Veloo Villa stood and still is standing as one of the few restaurants in Penang that offers banana leaf rice, the ever favourite of South Indian delicacy of many. Situated along the heritage road of Penang Street where rows of old shops are situated, Veloo Villas restaurant has stood against the test of time since late 50’s until now.

Apparently the history of this restaurant started off with 59’s “The Mess” of which the name was referred back to labour workers that was brought in to Penang from India of which depicts the typical long table furniture that decorated most banana leaf restaurants nowadays. More or less the Little India that we know off now was the work of the folks that used to go to Veloo Villas to get their daily lunch fix. Alike of South Indian and North Indian cuisines, this restaurant serves variety ranging selections of roti such as thosai, naan bread, and many more. The pairing to such would be prefect if it is Veloo’s tandoori chicken. But of course it is almost absurd not to mention banana leaf rice when the name Veloo Villas comes up where the scrumptious looking vegetables and non-vegetables sides being dumped on the fragrant rice, and what more if the already delicious set of rice is drenched under the spiced variety of curries – Veloo Villas is definitely a banana leaf joint not to be missed. 

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