Culinary diversity has just got a new face-lift with the coming-and-rising of Urban Food Hall, at Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang. A joint-task-force of culinary prowess comprising of 5 different internationally renowned brands (Johnny Rockets, The South East, Quiznos Cafe, The Library Coffee Bar, Ichiban The Izakaya); the food hall embraces a new concept of lifestyle dining, where the notion of ‘cross-ordering’ comes into play as cuisines of distinct restaurants are savoured in a shared seating area. 

Not to be mistaken for the generic food court found everywhere else, Urban Food Hall boasted an extensive menu of more than 250 dishes, where diners are provided with a myriad of choices to choose from.

In essence, Urban Food Hall covers every single aspect of what the culinary world entails. If patrons wish to go for something along the lines of local Asian delicacies, the South East caters to a wide range of Malaysian, Singaporean, Vietnamese and Thai dishes. Fast-food cravings can be satiated at Johnny Rockets' while your hunger pangs for sandwiches, pizzas, wraps, salads and the likes can be fixed by sandwich specialist, Quiznos Cafe. 

Of course, not leaving out your favourite Japanese restaurants and sushi, Ichiban the Izakaya brings upon the table your usual -but nevertheless exquisite; Japanese culinary fare with their level of expertise. And if you're just looking for a simple cafe fare as well as a place to unwind, the Library Coffee Bar offers one of the town's best coffee -robust and delicious; and snacks, along with an array of good reads to help you pass your time.