Uncle Zack by the Beach George Town

Located within the grounds of PARKROYAL Penang Resort, Uncle Zack by the Beach is one of the many things you should ever include in your checklist of die-die-must-see places whenever you set foot on the Pearl of the Orient. In fact, make it a top priority as we bet our bottom dollar that you'll not regret it.

Incorporating an all-too-immersive al fresco dining concept, the aptly named restaurant is set along the seaside, allowing patrons to partake in their top-class gourmet dinner with a breath-taking, soul-calming view of the straits. Opening its doors to cater to the masses only during the evenings, this place is no doubt a haunt for couples wishing to commemorate relationship milestones in life because in all earnest, this beautiful place screams "romantic" and nothing short of that.

Food wise, the theme revolves around the Western culinary scene, thus the presence of notable Western dishes such as chops and steaks, pastas and pizzas -Uncle Zack accommodates to make-you-own pizza, so feel free to knock yourselves out; to name a general few. Utilising mainly char-grill as the preferred method of cooking, the chops and steaks are usually done to tender perfection, glorious seared and crisp on the outside, with all the succulent juicy goodness retained within. But of course, being a restaurant nestled by the beach, it would be a culinary blasphemy to not serve seafood here and in that aspect, Uncle Zack did not disappoint. Behold their Fisherman’s Seafood plate, which is filled with delicious steamed crab, plump and juicy prawns, savoury baby lobster, exquisite slipper lobster, glorious mussels, decadent scallops and succulent baked fish. 

All in all, the experience here -both in terms of the scenery as well as dining; is worth the hassle of traversing across the island.